Pukhtuns are a unique nation mainly inhabiting the Western Frontier Regions of Pakistan, Eastern and Central Afghanistan, the Gulf States and sporadically spread over the entire globe from Central Asia to Europe, North America, Australia and Entire Asia. They are hardworking, innovative and an extremely dynamic nation having a natural ability to standout in any religious, ethnic or cultural group. Historically they have been extremely proud of their identity and have always been admired for their love for independence and adherence to their cultural values. Over 50 million people around the globe speak Pushto. And yet it is the only language of its size that, despite the emerging trend of local media, did not have a television channel of its own. AVT Khyber filled that vacuum. AVT Khyber, unlike regional channels is not local or peripheral; it is a mainstream Channel with a bouquet of programmes that has something for every Pushto speaking person. Its footprint extends to the whole region, covering the subcontinent, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Far East, Middle East and Australia.


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