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AVT Khyber Live Streaming

AVT Khyber has become a part and parcel of the lives of Pashtun viewers all over the world. Here, on this page, they can watch their favorite Pashto entertainment programs on their beloved AVT Khyber. The popularity of AVT Khyber is ruling the Pashtu Television Industry globally, nationally and locally. Hence AVT Khyber Live Stream is another way to reach our Pashtun viewers around the world.
The Programs like Sheeno Meeno Show, Khyber Beats, Sitam, Za Pakhtun Yum are amongst the countless popular programs of AVT Khyber.


  1. avt khyber ہمیشہ سے فیملی شو اور ڈرامہ فراہم کرتا ہے جو پشتوں کلچر اجاگر کرتا ہے ہم تہہ دل سے ان کے مشکور ہے اسپیشل شینو مینو


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