About Khyber

Khyber TV is a Pashto Entertainment TV Channel, providing quality Pashto entertainment for Pakhtuns (Pashtuns) around the world. Khyber TV provides Pashto Drama, Pashto Songs, Pashto Talk Shows, Pashto Tappay, Pashto Kids Shows and Pashto Musical Shows. It has become the biggest source of entertainment in Pashto Language.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Khyber TV is to provide positive Pashto entertainment for the Pukhtoons while explaining Pakhtuns’ codes of hospitality, honour and pride in the right perspective.

Khyber TV Background

Khyber TV background is based on passion and mission. Pakhtuns are a unique nation mainly inhabiting the Western Frontier Regions of Pakistan, Eastern and Central Afghanistan, the Gulf States and sporadically spread over the entire globe from Central Asia to Europe, North America, Australia and Entire Asia. They are hardworking, innovative and an extremely dynamic nation having a natural ability to standout in any religious, ethnic or cultural group. Historically they have been extremely proud of their identity and have always been admired for their love for independence and adherence to their cultural values. Over 50 million people around the globe speak Pushto. And yet it is the only language of its size that, despite the emerging trend of local media, did not have a television channel of its own.

Khyber TV filled that vacuum. Unlike regional channels it is not local or peripheral; it is a mainstream Channel with a bouquet of programmes (Pashto Dramas, Pashto Songs, Pashto Music, Pashto Talk Shows) that has something for every Pashto speaking person. Its footprint extends to the whole region, covering the subcontinent, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Far East, Middle East and Australia.

Khyber TV History

Khyber TV was launched in July 2004 with a very thorough home work done by the Khyber Network creative team. As the aim was not to roll out a run of the mill channel but a channel with a slogan of “Pride of the Proud”, it became a record hit even during the test transmission phase. Due to this immense popularity, this channel moved on to regular transmission within a record short period of time and on to 24 hours transmission within seven months of its launch. The popularity of this Channel is not restricted to only the Pashtuns of Pakistan but also of Afghanistan, Middle East, Australia and the Far East where it has captured viewers in more than 90% Pashtuns households. Within this short span of its history, Khyber, with its main studios at Islamabad, has opened its center with studio facilities in Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and Dubai.

Khyber Offices

Khyber TV has its marketing offices located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Dubai. It has its news reporters located in all District Headquarters of NWFP, Pashtuns Districts of Balochistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and entire Tribal Belt of NWFP including Wana and South Waziristan. It has its Bureau Offices/Stingers in Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar Sharif and Dubai. To man these offices and centers, it has a work force of over 200 young and educated male and female workers who are working day and night to make it a success.

Khyber Team

Khyber has a very talented team of programmers who produce more than 90% of the programs in-house. It is a complete family channel with over 60 fresh programs including more than 30 hours of live shows produced every week ranging in duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Only few entertainment dramas are outsourced to market producers, which also is by design to encourage Pukhtun artists in the private sector.

Feed Back System

Khyber TV also had the distinction of devising a system of feedback for improving its contents and programs on a continuous basis. Through a scientifically planned system of web sites and e-mails, we encourage our viewers to contact us on daily basis giving their impressions and suggestions on fresh programs. In addition, we also take live calls from viewers in which they are encouraged to critically analyze our contents, our methods of presentations and styles of our various anchors/presenters. We hold daily de-briefing and continuously incorporate changes in the light of such useful comments and suggestions. This system has made the channel interactive as well as provided a sense of ownership to our viewers. Our achievement is that our viewers now call Khyber TV as “Our Channel” and we refer to it as “Your Channel”. for your feedback about our transmission, please contact: