Khyber Sahar Pashto Morning Shows of Avt Khyber

Khyber Sahar Pashto Morning Shows of Avt Khyber
Khyber Sahar Pashto Morning Shows of Avt Khyber

Avt Khyber has also tried to depict the actual picture of Pukhtoon. Khyber has always earthly espoused tradition, culture and norms of Pashto speaking community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and all across the world. Morning show can play a vital role in the programming bouquet of any channel. The content of morning shows should be the priority of all TV channels. Avt Khyber is cognizant of the value of morning shows, this is the sole reasons that Avt Khyber has always laid great emphasis on the segments of morning shows.

The real objective behind the morning show of Avt Khyber is to promote Pashto language, Pashto Culture and tradition and to give valuable lessons during the show.

Khyber tv morning shows have always adopted holistic approach and have tried to cover all pertaining topics and issue. The main focus of Khyber tv morning show is to impart knowledge and information about health issue and other burning issues as well.

Cooking segment are integral part of Khyber tv morning shows. Different unique recipes are introduced during the show. Only those recipes are introduced which are easy to make and economical as well so that every one could make it at home.

A complete segment is dedicated for exercise and an expert practically exhibits all the technique to keep the body in proper shape.

Pashto language learning is also promoted during these morning shows. Rising stars and emerging talent of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also given a platform to showcase their talent. These morning shows of Avt Khyber in Pashto language are becoming a springboard of motivation for youth as well.

Our hosts charismatic personalities has the powers to retain viewers attention, they have strong grip of various topics and issues. Their command on Pashto Language is unprecedent which keeps from ahead of the pack.




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