Another brilliant and scintillant Avt Khyber show Kali Wall Rangoona

Kali Wall Rangoona | Asif Ali Yousafzai | Pashto TV | Pashto Music 2021 | AVT Khyber
Kali Wall Rangoona | Asif Ali Yousafzai | Pashto TV | Pashto Music 2021 | AVT Khyber

Khyber TV has always focused on promoting the true and actual culture of Pashto speaking community. Keeping this practice in mind Avt Khyber has just recently started another amazing show by the name of Kali Wall Rangoona. Kali Wall Rangoona is hosted by one of the most promising personalities and hosts Asif Ali Yousafzai.

This show is truly and actually depicting of the pukhtoon culture. People to people contant has always been the top most priority of Avt Khyber programming. This particular show is also based on the same theme.

Asif Ali Yousafzai visits different areas of KP and interacts with different people. He joins different cultural gathering and bring all the local talent and wisdom on the fore. Different artists and singer are getting the chance to showcase their talents.

Khyber Tv in this manner now only providing quality entertainment to the its viewers but also becoming springboard of motivation for the rising talent.

Currently no tv channel is promoting Pashto language and culture the way Khyber tv is promoting and playing its part in fostering and nurturing the local talent as well.

Avt Khyber is the actual identity of Pashto speaking people and Pashto speaking community can actually relate to the content which Khyber tv is creating. This relatability is winning the hearts and mind of pakhtoon people.

Different segment and creative ideas used in Kali Wall Rangoona is maintain viewers interest in the show and just due to this fact avt khyber tv shows never lose its luster.


Kali Wall Rangoona is making its mark on social media as well. Albeit recently started yet its has won hearts and minds of people on social media. Plenty of videos of Kali Wall Rangoona has already been recognized and admired by the social media audience. This speak volumes of its quality content.



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