Pakhair: Enchanting Pashto Melodies and Chit chat

Pakhair: Enchanting Pashto Melodies and Chit chat
Pakhair: Enchanting Pashto Melodies and Chit chat

Interaction with the viewers is Avt Khyber top priority and it has always designed its shows by keeping in mind this strategy. In various shows of Khyber tv host are interacting with viewers through different mediums and platform.

This is the era of technology and Avt Khyber is fully cognizant of this face and is updated about the various platforms which can be utilized to interact with its viewers.

Currently, WhatsApp is one of the leading platforms for interaction. You will see, Avt Khyber show that hosts are interacting with its viewers through WhatsApp. Viewers share their pictures and other interesting happenings of their life and as a result strong bond and connection is developed between us.

Pakhair show is also one of theses type of show especially designed for Pashto community. Show is all about chit chat with the viewers and playing songs on demand.
Different hosts conduct this show on different day and every host has a different and unique style which adds color to this extremely entertaining show.

Music is very vital part of Pashto culture and above all Pashto melodies are very pleasing to the ears. Hosts plays different genre of music to cater the need
of each and every section of the society.

Enchanting Pashto Melodies are playing during the show, our host Mahnoor conducts the show in the most amazing way possible and interacts with the callers so that she could play music of their choice.

Mehwish with her unique, scintillating and brilliant style captivates the attention of viewers.

Show in inundated by phone calls and songs request during her presence on the screen.

Pukhtoon are very much close to their culture that’s why Avt khyber shows are especially designed to cater the needs and demands of the viewers.

Keep on watching our shows and we will keep on producing the quality entertainment content.




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